Our Moments in and around our trip to Kilauea Volcano Wilderness Run
26-28 July 2002
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Hibiscus - at Hilo Airport
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Yellow Hibiscus - at Hilo Airport
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White Hibiscus - Hilo Airport
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Ginger - Hilo Airport

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Raring to go at 4000'
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 Steam Vents towards the start
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Not on road for long
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Caught the sun
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Cauldera in the distance
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Single file path around the crater
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An orchid hanging out on the rim
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Ginger all around
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Ginger all along the path
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Look at all the tiny people
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Down in the Crater
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Walking on the Crater
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V for Violet
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Vista View
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Traveling among the Iki's
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Water on mile4
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Da Big Finish
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All of us
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Resting at Volcano House
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Kaheli Ginger
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Outside our cabin-Moana Loa
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Looking South to Hilo 
The following photos are of our journey to the north to Honokaa.  
We took the "Scenic Drive" and witnessed a waterfall, a fallen sea arch,
 and far too many mosquitoes that wanted to take a ride in our car.   
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Da Fallen SeaArch
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Outside Honokaa
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Just a blue view
The next few photos came out very dark, the camera was not able to capture the grandeur. At night the ocean would suck the lava from the tubes and throw it back to the beach.   When the sun appeared the waves roared and the steam rose...we were in awe of such creation in the making.  We marked a "special spot" for the event and thanked Pele for sharing with us.  
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VR_034.jpg (33144 bytes) VR_035.jpg (34599 bytes) VR_036.jpg (32018 bytes) The photo below depicts where we were sitting the majority of the time and also the photographer we met at the craft fair who so graciously suggested we attend.
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Our Special Spot
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Ok Nancy - Quit beaming!